SIGNUP SIMON SAYS: [when player slots are filled]

Game Time

  • 6:30 PM EST

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  • 7:30 PM EST

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  • 8:30 PM EST

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How to Play

1. There will be 3 rounds. During each round, all players will take a turn giving out a command.

2. Players will have 2-3 minutes to carry out each command.

3. In this version of Simon Says all players playing are Simon. This means players will take turns calling out a command and they must start their command with “Simon says...”, the rest of the players will have to carry out that command as best as they can, but here comes the twist!

4. At the start of each round, I will PM a player with “NOTSIMON”. When it is that player’s turn they will still start their command with “Simon says…” and the rest of the players will carry out that command. During each turn, players can choose whether they carry out the command of Simon or not (because everyone knows there is a NOTSimon among players). Should they choose to carry out the command and the command was stated by NOTSimon, the player scores no points. You won’t know if you were successful or not until the end of the round.

5. NOTSimon will be revealed at the end of each round.
*Take note that NOTSimon will be chosen randomly by a random generator so someone might end up being NOTSimon more than once.

Examples of Commands:

-Simon says change your dp to...
-Simon says go like a comment in x thread...
-Simon says get me a pic of x...
-Simon says to make a thread about x...
-Simon says post in X's profile...

[Commands have to be carried out within 2-3 minutes, so make them reasonably doable within that timeframe!]

How to Win

1. You can score a point for each command you carry out correctly (accuracy of commands carried out will be judged by OP if any doubts arise).

2. NOTSIMON can score the max points possible and automatically win a round if even one player carries out their command. NOTSIMON can only score points if a person carries out their command by the end of the round. Their score is then multiplied by 2 pts.

3. You can choose to carry out a command or not. If you choose not to carry out a command during NOT SIMON’s turn you get an extra point for that turn.

3. Points will be added up at the end of the game and you will get your rewards according to how you ranked.

Rewards: Ranks + Prizes

1. 60K CC
2. 35K CC
3. 25K CC
4. 10K CC
5. 5K CC
6 and under: 2K CC

*if more than 6 players signup, each round will have 2 NOTSimons.

@Astronauts if you want to play the game but can't at the time listed, post what time you can play in case we change the time of the game. The game shouldn't be longer than an hr! At most 1.5 hrs~
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