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Hey, guys! We will be needing funds in order to keep this site running smoothly just for you! We would like to give y’all love back. So, we will be giving y’all rewards for donating. You can donate on PayPaland/or Patreon .

You will receive a donor banner for every tier. Albums, autographs, and photocards are all virtual and from KPL’s shop.

$5 and below- 50k CC, 2 albums, an autograph
$10 and below- 100k CC, rewards stated above, a smilie of your choice
$20 and below- 200k CC, rewards stated above, a pinned thread, a lightstick
$30 and below- 300k CC, rewards stated above, a temporary group banner, one merchandise item
$40 and below- 400k CC, rewards stated above 5 albums, 2 autographs, a photocard, updates on media team (Youtube, Podcast, Press etc)
$50 and below- 500k CC, rewards stated above, a unique shop item, updates on forum

You will receive a personalized donor banner for tiers below. This applies to Patreon as well.
$100 and above- 1 million CC, rewards stated above, a unique badge, able to get limited/holiday badges/shop items at any time
$150 and above- 1.5 million CC rewards stated above, a gif unique badge
$200 and above- 2 million CC, rewards stated above, being able to delete own posts (Mods/Admins can still see them, though).

Rewards for Patreon is on the site! These rewards are monthly with a few exceptions!
If you chose monthly subscription for PayPal, rewards are same as Patreon's rewards.

In order to get these rewards, you must PM @AntiChrist and/or @MoonChild with a receipt proof.
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